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Dr. Amanda Wheeler

Health & Wellness Assessment Fellow


2018-19 Project, Learning Outcomes, Goals, and Objectives


Project: Investigating campus health and wellness initiatives, co-curricular assessment of health and wellness learning, and campus health and wellness strategic planning

Learning Outcomes: The University Learning Outcomes (ULO) for creative and critical thinking, communication, social and civic responsibility, and diversity and globalization 

Annual Goals:

  • Serve as campus health and wellness investigator
  • Provide information and guidance regarding the significance of health and wellness on campus culture and student learning
  • Collaborate with the Dean of Students and the Red WOLF Center personnel
  • Present investigation results to the Dean of Students and Red WOLF Center personnel
  • Collaborate with Dean of Students, Red WOLF Center personnel, and Assessment Office to develop unit-level learning outcomes, student-learning assessment process, and a strategic plan

Specific Objectives:

  • Provide at least four examples of other institutions’ campus health and wellness initiatives, learning outcomes, co-curricular activities, and assessment processes
  • Assist in determining how the Dean of Students and the Red WOLF Center personnel will implement the new initiatives, and strategic plan
  • Attend the Co-Curricular Assessment Committee meetings as needed