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Melodie Philhours

Mexico Mentor Assessment Fellow


2018-19 Project, Learning Outcomes, Goals, and Objectives


Project: Assist with developing a culture of assessment at the A-State Campus and implementing assessment processes for collecting, analyzing, and documenting student-learning assessment

Learning Outcomes: The General Education Learning Outcomes (GELO) for communicating effectively, appreciating the arts and humanities, and developing a foundation in social sciences. Additionally, the College of Business Core learning outcomes and major learning outcomes 

Annual Goals:

  • Serve as mentor to Dr. David Ray, Vice-Rector, Dr. Amy Gilley, Interim Director for General Studies, Business and Communication and her faculty at the Mexico campus
  • Provide information and guidance regarding the purpose of assessment and regional and programmatic accreditation
  • Collaborate with General Education Committee (GEC), Program Assessment Committee (PAC) and other offices as needed
  • Collaborate with GEC, Departments, and Assessment Office to develop new assessment instruments if needed
  • Assist with establishing a routine of data collection and analysis in all general education courses
  • Assist with establishing a future routine of data collection and analysis for all Business programs

Specific Objectives:

  • Participate in an introductory Zoom meeting in January (to be organized by the Assessment Office)
  • Travel to the Mexico campus in early to mid February to meet the faculty and conduct intensive training
  • Lead regular Zoom meetings with Dr. Gilley and her faculty throughout spring 2019 (schedule to be determined)
  • Facilitate communication between the Mexico campus and Jonesboro discipline specific assessment leaders
  • Facilitate communication between the Mexico campus and the Jonesboro Assessment Office