Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Mission & Strategic Plan

Institutional Priorities and Goals

Arkansas State, although a relatively young institution, has a history of consistently aspiring to excellence in education, research, and community enrichment. The following institutional priorities were developed to guide us as we continue that pursuit. 

Refine ASU’s mission and identity as an emerging global research institution.

  • Pursue Appropriate Carnegie Classification Based on Role and Scope
  • Continue to Promote Teaching and Learning Endeavors That Are Integral to a Global Research Institution
  • Continue to Promote the Transformation of ASU Into a Research-Intensive Institution
  • Promote Outcome-Based Decision Making
  • Increase Undergraduate and Graduate Enrollment of Well-Qualified Students

Create a service and support culture that is focused on student learning, retention, and academic success.

  • Support Student Learning as the First Priority to Establish Arkansas State University as a Premier Learning-Centered University
  • Review Relevancy of General Education Program
  • Continue to Develop a Culture of Assessment to Enhance Learning Outcomes
  • Enhance Student Persistence and Academic Success
  • Manage the Use of Financial Aid to Help Attract and Retain students
  • Provide Opportunities to Better Understand Student Needs

Create learning experiences through student engagement, service to our region, and partnerships with our community.

  • Increase Service-Learning and Community Engagement Opportunities
  • Enhance Community Outreach
  • Promote Safety, Environmental Responsibility and Stewardship
  • Create a collaborative decision-making environment that is based on effective shared governance, open communication, and mutual respect of all members of our teaching and learning community.
  • Develop a Sense of Campus Community
  • Create Transparency in Planning and Decision-Making

Adopt policies and models that continuously promote, grow and reward all modes of effective teaching and learning experiences.

  • Support and Reward Multiple Modalities of Teaching and Learning
  • Refocus on Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Increase our diversity and expand our globalization.

  • Prepare Students for Global Citizenship
  • Develop a Service Environment that Supports the Needs of a Diverse ASU Community
  • Attract, Employ, Retain, and Advance Greater Numbers of University Faculty and Staff from Underrepresented Groups

Continually improve our institutional efficacy and alignment of resources with our priorities.

  • Enhance Recruitment and Retention Initiatives of Faculty and Staff Goal
  • Maintain Current and Strategically Plan for Future Infrastructure Needs
  • Expand Resources and Refine Budget Procedures