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Events and Programs

Multicultural Center Event Calendar

The Multicultural Center Calendar is your one-stop destination for everything our office is doing throughout the school year. You can also find events for various multicultural organizations on campus.

MC Event Calendar

Cultural Programs

Cultural Heritage Celebrations

In line with our dedication to celebrating cultures and promoting awareness, the Multicultural Center hosts several events to celebrate various cultural heritages. Events include, but are not limited to Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Native American Heritage Month.

Gender Identity & LGBT+ Lecture Series

Each year, the Multicultural Center sponsors a lecture to discuss topics and promote awareness for issues surrounding the gender, sexuality, and the LGBT+ community.

Multicultural Networking Events

The Multicultural Center hosts a number of networking events to welcome multicultural students to campus and help them network with individuals who share similar identities.

Women's History Month Luncheon

This event celebrates the accomplishments of women around the globe.

Multicultural Education

Workshops & Training

The Multicultural Center offers a number of workshops & training for faculty, staff, and students at ASU. To schedule a specialized workshop or training for your department or organization, email us at AstateMC@astate.edu or call 870.680.4052.

Multicultural Mondays

This event is a trivia style competition held once a month to help students learn about various cultures, while networking with their peers. Students even have the opportunity to win prizes. See the MC calendar for specific dates. 

Peer Educators Program

The Peer Educators program is a program for students who have a passion for diversity and inclusion, want to gain a deeper understanding of diverse issues, and help educate their peers through programs and workshops. Peer Educators are trained on topics of social justice and facilitation skills. Once trained, Peer Educators help coordinate trainings to educate their peers on topics of social justice.

Leadership & Success

Multicultural Ambassadors

Multicultural Ambassadors are students who take an active role in educational, cultural, social, and leadership opportunities for students on campus as it pertains to multiculturalism, equity, and social justice. The overall goal of the program is to promote the genuine celebration of differences and promote multicultural awareness that assists with engaging across cultures and in everyday settings. Multicultural Ambassadors are responsible for facilitating and implementing various aspects of cultural programs and educational workshops throughout the academic year. For more information on the program, click here: Multicultural Ambassadors.

Multicultural Leadership Council

The Multicultural Leadership Council (MLC) exists to promote leadership and collaboration among multicultural organizations at Arkansas State University. Various multicultural organizations come together once a month to discuss leadership development, the needs of multicultural organizations and students, and cultural programming.