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Academic Standing

The policies below concern academic standing for undergraduate students at Arkansas State University. For information pertaining to academic policies for graduate students please visit the Graduate Academic Policies Page.


Good Standing

Good standing is when your cumulative GPA (your Institutional GPA) and your term GPA (current term only) are both 2.0 or above.


Probation is when either your cumulative GPA or your term GPA is under 2.0.


Suspension is when both your cumulative GPA and your term GPA fall below 2.0. Undergraduate students must be on probation during the previous term before they can be suspended.

Only ASU coursework is considered in ASU academic standing. Transfer work is not included in institutional GPA calculations.

Remember that all information regarding probation and suspension will be sent to your ASU myCampus email account. Check it regularly for updates.

Restricted Hour Policy

Students who are not in good standing with the university are restricted to no more than twelve semester hours of enrollment. This does not include enrollment in College ChoicesL UC 1011 or Restart: UC 1001. If enrolled in one of these courses, a student may enroll in up to thirteen semester hours. For more information on Restart along with the Restart form please visit the Wilson Advising Center.

How to Request an Exemption to the Restricted Hour Policy

Students may request an exemption to the restricted hour policy if certain criteria are met. The criteria are listed on the request form. Exemptions are not granted for lab enrollment or lack of semester hours. If course enrollment falls short of twelve semester hours, students may enroll in one or two credit elective hours.

Download the Request for Exemption from Restricted Hour Policy Form >>

NOTE: The reduced course number restriction will remain in place during the registration period for the next term(s). It will be evaluated and adjusted once the academic standing has been calculated at the end of the current term.

Academic Probation and Suspension


Students entering ASU for the first time are under the retention policy listed below:

Students will receive academic probation at the close of any enrollment period (fall, spring or summer term) when their current semester or ASU cumulative grade point average (GPA) is below 2.00. Academic probation status will be removed at the end of any enrollment period when both the current semester and ASU cumulative GPA are 2.00 or above. Students placed on academic probation are restricted to enrollment in 12 credit hours until the current semester and ASU cumulative GPA are 2.00 or above.

Students receiving academic probation are strongly encouraged to counsel with an academic adviser or call the Wilson Advising Center at 870-972-3001.

First time, first year students placed on academic probation at the end of their first semester can enroll in College Choices - a one-credit study skills course - during their next enrollment period by contacting the University College Dean's Office at 870-972-3574. Students will be restricted to 12 credit hours of enrollment until the probation status is removed.


Students on academic probation will be suspended for poor scholarship when their current semester and fall, spring, or summer term ASU cumulative GPA are both below the required 2.00. Students suspended for poor scholarship may apply for readmission under SCHEDULE OF READMISSION FOLLOWING ACADEMIC SUSPENSION.

Download the Suspension Clearance Form >>