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Shared Governance Oversight Committee

The Shared Governance Oversight Committee (SGOC) manages the shared governance process.  It serves as the entry point and the exit point for all shared governance proposals and also serves as the shared governance liaison to the Chancellor.  The committee reviews shared governance procedures, insures shared governance committee performance, and responds to possible violations of the shared governance process. Any committee or constituent that experiences a possible violation of shared governance principles or procedures (but not specific actions, decisions, or recommendations by individual committees in the discharge of their duties) may ask the SGOC to review the issue.   
The SGOC also functions as a committee on committees.  Retention of existing committees, discontinuation of existing committees, and recommendations for new shared governance committees or changes in membership or representation are reviewed by the committee.  This committee is responsible for the annual review of the shared governance process and for a survey, to be conducted every three years, to assess campus community satisfaction with the shared governance process and present recommendations to the Chancellor.
Membership consists of the President of Faculty Senate; the President of Staff Senate; the Chair of the Academic Deans Council; a Co-Chair of the Chairs Council; the President of Student Government Association; the President of Graduate Student Council; one member of the executive council who possessed tenure in an academic department or college who is selected by the Chancellor and who will serve in an ex-officio fico non-voting capacity; six senior faculty senators appointed by Faculty Senate in a manner that assures one senior faculty representative from each of the six academic colleges; six staff senators appointed by Staff Senate of which three are representative of classified staff and three are representative of non-classified staff.  Members of the SGOC may not serve more than six consecutive years without rotating off the committee for at least one year.   
The SGOC elects a chair, a vice-chair, and a secretary at the beginning of each academic year.  In the event that any officer is unable to serve in that position, a new election for that position will be held.  The chair and the vice-chair of the committee may not serve more than two consecutive years in their respective positions without rotating out of the position for at least one year.  It is required that at least one faculty member and at least one staff member shall be elected officers of the SGOC each year.


Mary Jane Bradley

Chair of the Academic Deans Council

Renee S. Miller

Co-chair of the Chairs Council

Lynita Cooksey

Vice Chancellor and Provost

Greg Phillips

Faculty Senate Representative (Agriculture)

Phillip Tew

Faculty Senate Representative (Business)

Loretta McGregor

Faculty Senate Representative (Education)

Pardeep Mishra

Faculty Senate Representative (Liberal Arts and Communications)

Donna Caldwell

Faculty Senate Representative (Nursing and Health Professions)

Suzanne Melescue

Faculty Senate Representative (Science and Math)

Mike McDaniel

Faculty Senate President

Ashley Schulz

Graduate Student Council President

Hope Phillips

Staff Senate President

Haley Stotts

Student Government Association President

Jon Carvell

Staff Senate Representative

Matthew Huckaby

Staff Senate Representative

Angela Daniels (Chair)

Staff Senate Representative

Deanna Harris

Staff Senate Representative

Herbert Ogles

Staff Senate Representative

Tammy Webb

Staff Senate Representative