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ASU is mandated by contract to provide an Education Support Center; state of the art child welfare resources for curriculum development and educational tools that are easily accessed by university faculty and staff, students, foster parents and DCFS staff to review and check out.

Online Educational Support Center and Library

The ASU Title IV-E program continuously develops and maintains an on-line catalog of all available educational support center contents. The library contains a wide variety of videos, books, and workbook materials. As new library items are obtained with the ASU IV-E funds, the items are added to the on-line catalog. The Educational Support Center is located in the Social Work Department, third floor, Eugene Smith Hall, at ASU. ASU Title IV-E faculty, Department of Social Work faculty, social work students, and DCFS staff members may request that items are purchased and placed in the Educational Support Center.

Checkout Procedures

ASU Title IV-E Educational Support Center items may be checked out in person or via phone/email. To check out an item(s), email Sandra Tate, state@astate.edu  call 870-972-3116 or send a fax to 870-972-3987.



ASU faculty/students, DCFS staff/volunteers, and community child welfare providers may check out items from the Educational Support Center. When anyone emails, phones, or faxes a request or checks out an item on line, the ASU IV-E Fiscal Support Specialist determines if any ASU IV-E staff member is traveling to that county that week. If so, that ASU IV-E staff member delivers the item to the person requesting the item. If no one is going within the week, the item is mailed to the requesting party. When ASU students, faculty or IV-E staff members check out items on campus, they sign the hard copy log identifying who has the item, when it was checked out, where the item is located.

Items may be checked out for any length of time. Periodically, IV-E Staff will send out reminders to ascertain the whereabouts of items checked out.

Requesting New Items

The Title IV-E program at ASU continues to enhance and enrich the contents of the Child Welfare Education Support Center. ASU Title IV-E staff, Social Work Faculty, DCFS staff, and Foster Parents may request that items be obtained and placed in the Education Support Center.

ASU Title IV-E staff and Social Work Faculty submit their requests to the Program Director of the Title IV-E program at kfullen@astate.edu. These requests are reviewed by the DCFS area Director for approval before acquisition is made. The requesting party is notified if approval is received and when the item is available for check out.

DCFS staff and foster parents can submit their requests to the DCFS Area Director, Suzann Henry. The DCFS Area Director forwards all approved requests to the Title IV-E Program Director for acquisition. The requesting party and the Area Director are notified when the item is available for check out.

All acquisitions are assessed for budget availability and appropriate child welfare content.