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    CoSM News!
    ambassadors & 1st yr exper training

    CoSM Ambassadors and 1st Yr Experience students in Cardboard Canoe race during campus wide Tutor/FYE TA training. Back row/left: Taren Thind,Nick Stillwell,Madison Decker,Almetia Cole,Emma Cherry. Seated/left: Makenzie Rone,Kinley Davenport,Sarah Hall.

  • Sikkel_new_species
    CoSM News!
    New Species Name Gives Nod to Sikkel

    Former Ph.D. student Rachel Welicky, who studied with Dr. Paul Sikkel, associate professor of aquatic biology, names six new isopod species, including Anilocra paulsikkeli, in a Parasites & Vectors article.

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    cosm faculty spotlight
    congratulations, Dr. Guolei Zhou

    Congratulations to Dr. Zhou, Associate Professor of Cell and Cancer Biology, on his journal publication: Phosphorylation Regulates CAP1 (Cyclase-Associated Protein 1) Functions in the Motility and Invasion of Pancreatic Cancer Cells

  • 2019 white coat ceremony
    CoSM News!
    NYIT White Coat ceremony

    Arkansas State graduates with the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine received their medical white coats in a ceremony Friday, 8/9/2019.

  • Team Rice

    Arkansas State researchers and students are part of a major grant project to determine what strains of rice flourish under higher growing temperatures. There is global impact in the test beds just south of Jonesboro.

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    COSM Faculty Spotlight
    Rolland Authors Research on Black Skimmers

    Dr. Rolland, associate professor of quantitative wildlife ecology, and fellow researchers analyze the foraging movements of black skimmers in coastal regions of Louisiana using GPS devices.

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    COSM Faculty Spotlight
    Congratulations, Dr. Hong Zhou

    Congratulations to Dr. Zhou, Assoc. Professor of Statistics, on the publication of his research paper, “A new approach to address multiplicity in hypothesis testing with constraints” in the journal of “Communications in Statistics- Theory and Methods.”

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    Cosm faculty spotlight
    Cosm welcomes new dean

    Welcome Dr. Lynn Boyd, Dean of College of Sciences & Mathematics

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    COSM local event
    The "Girls in STEM"

    On June 25, Dr. Lori Neuman-Lee, Jen Terry (grad student), Shawn King and Ambrette Veach (undergrads) had an opportunity to give the girls in STEM demonstrations on how to use microscope, measurement, and ultrasound equipment.

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    COSM Faculty Spotlight
    Congratulations Dr. Marsico

    Congratulations to Dr. Travis Marsico for his promotion to full professor of Biological Sciences!

  • slide-John Hershb.jpg
    Cosm Faculty Spotlight
    Congratulations Dr. Hershberger

    Congratulations to Dr. John Hershberger for his promotion to tenured Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • slide-mohammad alam.jpg
    Cosm Faculty spotlight
    Congratulations Dr. Alam

    Congratulations to Dr. Mohammad Abrar Alam for his promotion to tenured Associate Professor of Chemistry!

  • Western Rat Snake
    Creature Feature
    A-State Wildlife Program Presents

    Western rat snakes are one of the most common big snake species found in Arkansas. Adults are large and usually black in color with some lighter ventral checkerboard coloration. Join Jessica and Cole Harken as they present 'The Western Rat Snake'.

  • James Kennon
    COSM Faculty spotlight
    balloon launch

    Drs. Kennon and Carroll successfully launched the 55th high altitude balloon. The balloon carried research instruments to a new ABS altitude record, 105,804 feet (20.04 miles). Onboard cameras captured images and video which the team has posted online.

  • Tom Risch
    COSM Faculty Spotlight
    Congratulations to Dr. Risch,

    Who received permanent appointment as vice provost for research and technology transfer and executive director of Arkansas Biosciences Institute at A-State.

  • Convaction of Scholars Spring 2019
    COSM Photo Gallery
    Congratulation to all of our award winners

    The Photo Gallery for the 2019 Convocation of Scholars for the College of Sciences & Mathematics is now posted.

College of
Sciences & Mathematics

The faculty in the College of Sciences & Mathematics come from many programs, many universities, and many disciplines, but we all share a common experience, the one that you are now seeking, and want to share that experience with you.

The element of experience

Studying here is more than sitting in a classroom listening to lectures. It is the immersion in a research environment that is purposefully welcoming to students. Our diverse experiences and expertise contribute to a quality educational environment that emphasizes learning through integration of theory with practical laboratory and field studies. Our programs offer you the opportunity to work on projects that provide valuable insight and impact people’s lives.

We invite you to explore the ways in which the College of Sciences & Mathematics can be part of preparing you for it. We know it’s an important decision you’re making and we stand ready to help you take this first step towards success.

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The College of Sciences & Mathematics is proud to be accredited by the American Chemical Society.

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