Welcome to Arkansas State University!

Thank you for your interest in ASU Student Support Services. To apply for SSS, you will need to submit the following items to the SSS office:

Required Materials

Program Application

The Student Support Program Application must be completed and submitted to our office.

Download the application >>  

Income Verification

To verify your income, we need ONE of the following:

  • We need a copy of your signed income tax return if you filed taxes last year. For dependent students, we also need a copy of your parent's signed tax return.
  • We need a signed statement from you (or parent/legal guardian of dependent student) including your taxable income from last year if you did not file taxes last year.
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Autobiographical Statement

You must create an autobiographical statement of 100 - 150 words. Please print neatly or type.


The last part of your application process is to provide an unofficial transcript  

Your application is not considered complete until each of the above items is received. Upon receipt of the above materials, SSS staff will verify that you meet minimum eligibility requirements for the program.

Tutor Application

Application must be completed in full to be considered for a tutoring position. Thank You.


ASU Student Support Services Application

Application is in two parts, both must be completed in full. IMPORTANT: In order for your application to be complete, you must also submit:

A. Income Verification  B. Autobiographical Statement  C. Unofficial Transcript

Your application is not complete until above documentation is received by the SSS office. Send documents to Erna Bass: erbass@astate.edu.